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World’s Largest Sleep Study

Nov 01, 2018

The preliminary results of the world’s largest sleep study which involved participants taking CBS cognitive tests are now available.

Click here to read some of the findings. Reasoning and verbal ability are most affected by sleep whilst those who sleep for only 4 hours a night, perform as if they are 9 years older.

The implications are significant as many people, including those in positions of responsibility, operate on very little sleep and may suffer from impaired reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills on a daily basis.

Another piece of the productivity puzzle?


How to think about Cognition

Sep 20, 2018

This easy to follow and punchy white paper from Cambridge Brain Sciences includes a note from Professor Adrian Owen, their Chief Scientific Officer. Adrian is also Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging.

It covers how to manage brain health and keep mentally fit. This includes advice on Sleep, Exercise, Diet and Nutrition, Stress and Anxiety.

Well worth a read.




Cambridge Brain Sciences

Sep 20, 2018

Delighted to say that I’m now working with the team at Cambridge Brain Sciences . Based on my experience,  I strongly believe that their proposition for assessing cognition best meets the needs of providers and those being assessed.

Flexible and scalable, their assessments can be taken on multiple platforms – laptops, desktops and tablet devices.

The tests are engaging and an unintimidating experience for users ensuring accurate results.

The science includes test result correlation with advanced brain mapping and brain imaging. They have completed 8 million tests globally and are also behind the world’s largest study into sleep and cognition

Please contact me if you would like to know more either at  or

Mental Health at Work

Sep 13, 2018

Mind have just launched this new website,

It’s a free to access online library of information and reference points for mental health at work resources and toolkits.

Worth knowing about.


This Can Happen

May 24, 2018

I recently met with Zoe Sinclair, one of the founders of the corporate mental health conference, This Can Happen, taking place in London on 20th November this year. Their website is

What really impressed me and got my support is how they want to shift awareness into action. The focus is on solutions led tools and fresh content. Every session will have an outcome, something practical that delegations can take back into their organisations.

You can get a good feel for what the team are looking to achieve in their launch video and their latest Advisory Meeting. 

If you or your organisation would like to register, let me know.