How old is your brain?

Most people would say the same age as the rest of their body. Which is correct, physically. 

However, do you know your brain’s functional age?

The reason for asking is that I’ve recently tried out the offer from  MYndspan (currently in beta testing) which amongst other findings, reported that my brain’s functional age is 13 years younger than my chronological age.

The service comprises a self-evaluation health questionnaire,  cognitive tests from Creyos and then a 10 minute resting state MEG scan which measures brain activity with millisecond and millimetre accuracy giving incredibly accurate brain connectivity maps. 

There are a number of measures reported which compared me to other users but with the current low number of us so far, the normative data needs building across the ages to establish truly comfortable levels of comparison accuracy.

Overall, it was a smooth and engaging process with the most important aspect for me being the baseline connectivity map I now have, unique to me.  I can track any changes in future assessments.