Your Brain Health

Recently had the pleasure of meeting with Simon Shepard of Your Brain Health who describe themselves as  ‘a network of highly skilled clinicians dedicated to improving brain health through advanced education, clinical support and baseline screening.’

 What’s not to like ?!

Aligns with my desire to see the assessment of brain health become standard practice so that if something detrimental happens causing a cognitive impairment, we have a pre-incident measure on which to base treatment and rehabilitation.

They use technology from to provide an objective assessment of ocular motor function and brain health.

Simon ran me through an assessment and I now have  my own baseline screening and detailed analysis.  The experience took around 15 minutes, was good fun and for want of a better description, a real eye opener.

Whilst the primary use case to date is in concussion, I can see it being a valuable tool in other brain health settings including ageing and neurodegeneration.