For anyone like me who didn’t appreciate that there are 6 main causes of Burnout, this article highlights them:

Unsustainable workload

Perceived lack of control/autonomy

Insufficient recognition and/or rewards for effort

Lack of community/relationships

Lack of fairness or perceived injustice

Mismatched values and skills

And here are the steps that employers are most frequently implementing to prevent and mitigate employee burnout as set out on page 36 of this 2022 Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report 

Affinity Groups 3%

Job Autonomy 3%

Leadership Training 12%

Professional Development 6%

Recognition Programmes 19%

Purpose / Meaningful Work 6%

Job Crafting 1%

Whilst Mental Health Resources comes in at a whopping 86%

These figures beg the question as to how much Burnout prevention is really going on compared to outsourced mitigation when it actually happens.