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Government Review Recommends Routine Monitoring of Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

Nov 06, 2017

The output of Thriving at Work, a review of mental health and employers, commissioned by the Government and led by Lord Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer was published 26th October 2017.

The accompanying statements introducing the review on Gov.UK include:

The most important recommendation is that all employers, regardless of size or industry, should adopt 6 ‘mental health core standards’ that lay basic foundations for an approach to workplace mental health.

One of the mental health core standards is the routine monitoring of employee mental health and wellbeing’

Supported by a growing body of research including Deloitte’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in Employment Study, there is now wide consensus that greater socio-economic benefits come from investing in assessment and prevention rather than post event remediation.

We do not wait for someone to have a heart attack before offering them a routine blood pressure check. Routine monitoring of mental health needs to be universally adopted. Implementation of the Thriving at Work recommendations would be a major step in helping this become a long awaited reality. What is measured can be managed.

It was a privilege to be invited to contribute to the review and everyone responsible for producing it should be congratulated.


DWP Fuller Working Lives Strategy

Feb 02, 2017

Today the DWP has published its strategy document for Fuller Working Lives with its stated ambition to support individuals aged 50 years and over to remain in and return to the labour market and tackle the barriers to doing so.

Through CANTAB Corporate Health, I was pleased to support the development of the strategy as part of the health management group.

One of the key areas of health as we get older is cognition – our thinking ability.  Our cognitive health determines what work we can do and how long we can do it for.

Giving people the opportunity to measure their cognitive health enables them to understand how their performance  relates to their age and other factors.  If it is below expected levels then they can take action to remediate or improve.

Employers now recognise just how important this is and are incorporating CANTAB assessments into their health and wellbeing programmes.

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