Update on HealthScreen UK

Since my last post, I’ve been meeting with a wide range of employers, benefits consultants and insurers to discuss the cancer specific screening proposition of HealthScreen UK  (HSUK).

There has been massive interest about how HSUK services can reduce the emotional and financial costs of the most common cancers. The early detection of cancer and educating people how to be the first line of defence against rising incidence has so many positive benefits:

  • For the individual, knowing your cancer risk and how best to manage it dramatically improves prognosis.
  • For the families of individuals affected, the emotional strain is lessened.
  • For employers, the costs of private medical and other health related insurances are significantly reduced as are the absence costs associated with cancer only diagnosed in the later stages.
  • For insurers, early detection reduces their cancer claims liability.
  • For the NHS, the costs of treating cancer diagnosed earlier reduces financial pressure on cancer budgets.
  • For the government, it supports their cancer strategy, Improving Outcomes.

We all seem to spend so much time discussing the increasing costs of treating cancer whereas we should be promoting every way possible to ensure early detection and self awareness. 

But it’s more than just about the financial benefits. Cancer screening saves lives.