Swine Flu

Back in September I suggested that providing employees with a flu vaccination seemed a sound investment ahead of the winter months. Like many health related commercial considerations, the costs of prevention (about £7 a shot) were significantly less than the costs of illness related absence and cure. I wonder how many employers factored flu vaccinations into their health and wellbeing strategy.

As is usual at this time of year, you can’t turn a page or click on a website without being bombarded with swine flu and absence related stories. One of the current headlines is that there is a shortage of the most up to date flu vaccine. With most professional commentators saying that we are coming to the peak of the flu outbreak, isn’t it a bit late to discover this? The whole point of vaccination programmes is to carry them out well in advance of a potential virus outbreak.

Were you ahead of the game?  What are your flu related absence costs going to be come March? Has it made you consider a different approach come next autumn?