Rehabilitating Cognitive Impairments due to Long Covid

With the growing number of providers offering Covid-19 rehabilitation programmes, this article from the HRDirector magazine highlights some important considerations.

Not least the approach to cognitive impairments.

Traditional methods of assessment are mostly used as a one-off binary decision: is someone severely impaired or not? But with COVID-19, cognitive impairments can vary widely in severity from person to person.

Clinicians are better served by a continuous measure of cognitive capacity that is appropriate for tracking subtle changes in specific cognitive domains, or objectively measuring the nuances of recovery.

The CBS Health online platform can support clinicians with an objective measure of a patient’s current cognitive health, and assessments can be administered repeatedly to track changes over time.

Being online, it also allows for easy remote follow up.

Please get in touch if you or anyone you know are working in this area and would like to talk this through.