Re:Cognition Health

I’m now working with this  proposition that specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and care management of all the different types of cognitive impairment – the medical term for problems with any aspect of thinking ability.

It can affect any generation whether it is autism and ADHD in children; stress and anxiety at work; brain injury and stroke; memory problems; Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Re:Cognition Health take a truly collaborative approach in an area that isn’t known for joined up service delivery.

Their cognitive neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, specialist nurses and radiologists work together to focus on the individual and those closest to them.

I recently undertook the My Healthy Brain Assessment  and now have a full understanding of my cognitive abilities, and risks for the future. We spend a great deal of time looking after the physical side of our health and whilst this is very important, I’ve come to the conclusion that the quality of life is actually based on ‘what’s between your ears’.

We need much more education and awareness around cognitive issues and how they affect our lives.