Privacy Policy

Shandwell wants to assure all vistors and contributors to the website that any information it collects is treated correctly and in line with Data Protection legislation.

This privacy statement may change at any time so you may wish to check it each time you visit.

Information refers to:

Users’ Internet Protocol (IP) addresses – IP addresses are used to analyse the interest in the website such as the number of visits.

Cookies – very small text files saved to your computer and used to track how the website is used. You have the ability to disable cookies by modifying your browser.

E-mail addresses and/or other contact details which you voluntarily provide – Shandwell will not divulge any voluntarily provided details to third parties or use the information in any other way without your prior written consent.

You have the right to access your information held by Shandwell. Identity verification may be required along with an administration fee.

Any personal information you might supply in posting a comment is widely accessible and Shandwell cannot be responsible for the information that you post.