New Independent Assessment Service Launch to be delayed

“One of the problems is going to be if you have someone going to your occupational health (OH) service and getting some advice and then being sent by their GP to the IAS and having different advice. What do you do? This is why it’s been really difficult, so don’t hold your breath about when it’s going to come out.”

“It is taking time. It is very sensitive this whole thing and it isn’t as clear as we thought it might be,”

“And do you really think we’re going to have a national service from day one? If you were going to see how to fail abysmally; launch something nationally from day one,”

Professor Sayed Khan, EEF Chief Medical Adviser and IAS project steering group member.

Says it all really, well not all, but thank goodness this whole proposition is being scrutinised for what it really is.  The £500 cap for tax relief on clinical spend needs to be part of that greater scrutiny.