Long Time No Post

Yes it’s been quite a while since I posted on the Shandwell blog !

I’ve been totally immersed in my work with HealthScreen UK . I’ve never been involved in such a worthwhile cause and proposition.

The client portfolio is really growing as employers, their advisers and their insurers realise the significant benefits of awareness and early detection of the most common cancers.

SkinCheck is now being offered to thousands of employees. Don’t forget, there is no cure for malignant melanoma and early detection is vital.

We’ve just completed a major breast cancer programme for a large global IT company in the UK, Sweden and Denmark. The response from the client and the employees has been fantastic.

The same client has engaged us to carry out what we believe to be the largest ever prostate cancer awareness and screening programme.

The general lack of awareness around prostate cancer is truly shocking. Well educated women have asked me whether they can get prostate cancer. The myth about it being an old man’s disease also needs to be exploded. The incidence of prostate cancer in men between 40 and 49 has risen 6 fold in the last decade or so. Trust me, 40 is not old !

There’s so much going on and it’s all making such a positive impact.

Just let me know if you would like to find out more or visit the following websites:

www. BreastHealthUK.com

www. SkinHealthUK.com


www. HealthScreenUK.com

HealthScreen UK is the umbrella name used in our dealings with the corporate sector. All the services are delivered by the specialist companies.