Hope and Help for Dementia

Currently there is no cure for dementia but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope for any of us if diagnosed with the disease.

Until my involvement with Re:Cognition Health I had no idea of the benefit of clinical trials for the treatment of Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

If I recommended to you that you or someone close to you with a diagnosis should enrol on a clinical trial, I’m sure some of you would automatically think of men in white coats walking around a soulless laboratory.

What I’ve discovered is that the reality could not be any more different than this popular misconception.

By getting on a trial, people get a fantastic level of FREE health care support and a sense of community not available anywhere else either privately or on the NHS. Private Medical Insurance does not provide any cover either.
But it’s not just the care that makes it so worthwhile. It’s the opportunity to access new treatments years before they are available through your GP. When you bear in mind that treatments currently only tend to be effective in the early stages of a dementia, then for many, any delay will have a seriously negative impact on potential outcomes.

On speaking to people already enrolled in trials, many have stressed that whilst they are obviously keen to help themselves, they also see what they are doing as a contribution to make a real difference to someone else’s future by helping to find a cure.

Re:Cognition Health is an International clinical trials site participating in a growing number of trials that could really benefit anyone with a diagnosis.

If you want to find out more contact me directly or email clinician@re-cognitionhealth.com

Awareness of these trials is so poor. If I’d known about them a couple of years ago then I would have encouraged someone close to me to enrol when they still had the chance.