Cantab Corporate Health

I am delighted to announce that Shandwell has entered into a new joint venture with the truly fantastic team at Cambridge Cognition.

Together we have created Cantab Corporate Health, providing the latest digital tools to help measure and manage the cognitive health of the working age population.

There is a growing understanding that cognitive health determines what work we can do and for how long. Closely linked to physical health, it also has a significant impact on performance and productivity.

There is also a growing realisation that impaired cognitive health poses a risk to individuals and the organisations they work for. This is set against a background of an ageing workforce, 32% of which will be aged over 50 by 2020 (ONS).

The new business works with both employers and their providers to ensure a joined-up approach to delivering on cognitive health objectives across a wide range of corporate health settings including:

  • Health Assessments
    • Health and Wellbeing Programmes
    • Occupational Health
    • Primary Care
    • Health-Related Insurances
    • Rehabilitation

We have already secured major clients in the UK and there is huge interest around the world. You can read the launch press release by clicking here.

Everyone should have the opportunity of measuring and managing their cognitive health. It is the most important factor in determining the length, quality and productivity of our working lives.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.