About Shandwell

What is Shandwell?

Shandwell is a consultancy business and online source and exchange of advice and information for all stakeholders in the health and wellbeing of the working population.

What is Shandwell's objective?

To help stakeholders in the health and wellbeing of the working population understand how to structure their resource effectively and make informed decisions on their strategy based on wholly independent advice and information.

Who owns Shandwell?

The owner and Director of Shandwell is John Picken – see my profile link on the home page

Revenues are solely derived from consultancy fees. There are no hidden commissions from product placement or any advertising revenue. There is no conflict of interest

Is Shandwell authorised by the FCA?

Shandwell is not authorised by the FCA. If you require advice and or recommendations on arranging a specific insurance policy with a named insurance company then you either need to deal direct with that insurance company or use the services of an FCA authorised intermediary. Shandwell and its contributors may or may not be able to help you make an informed choice of either.

Treating Customers Fairly

Whilst not authorised by the FCA, Shandwell fully endorses its approach to Treating Customers Fairly and agrees that this should lie at the heart of any business culture.  It would be fantastic if all product suppliers and service providers felt the same way and actually upheld this principle.