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Dame Carol Black visit to CANTAB Corporate Health

May 26, 2016

In a recent visit to CANTAB Corporate Health, Dame Carol who is the government’s expert adviser on health and work, highlighted the need to measure cognition to help tackle the mental health crisis¬† in the workplace.

It was very good of her to spend time with us and share her views which you can read by clicking here

The Benefits of Measuring Cognitive Health

May 18, 2016
‘Cognition is central to who we are and what we do and, much like physical health, cognition can be viewed along a continuum from optimal functioning to mild cognitive impairment to neurological disease. However, issues with our cognitive health very rarely show outward signs of being a problem until they are quite far developed. And, as with most conditions, the earlier such problems are identified the better the prognosis and outcome.’

You can read the full article by clicking here.

DWP Fuller Working Lives Programme

Apr 22, 2016

I’m currently supporting the DWP Fuller Working Lives Programe as part of the Health Management strategy group looking at ways to improve the health of age 50+ employees.¬† Cognitive health is a key risk in this growing demographic – already comprising 32% of the workforce according to the ONS.

The strategy group is looking for employers who can provide case studies of any work they have done specifically addressing the health of their employees in this age range.

If you know of any employers who would be happy to share what they are doing in this area, please contact me either via this website or at

Many thanks